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Attract Beauty Awards 2017 - Best Facial - Vaishaly

Best Facial 2017





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The Massage

Whether applying her Cleansing Balm, moisturising treatments or Night Nourishers, skin will be truly transformed by following Vaishaly’s massage system. Ingredients sink in beautifully and skin looks instantly radiant.

1. ‘Begin by using alternate hands to sweep up the neck,’ explains Vaishaly. ‘This should always be in an upwards direction briskly, but gently. Do this 2-3 times.’

2. ‘Using the pads of your fingertips, massage the face with firm, circular movements (this boosts the circulation and lymphatic drainage, while helping to disperse any congestion under the surface of the skin). Start from the chin and jawline and work upwards.’

3. When you reach the eye area, firmly sweep your fingers along the brow-bone in one, continuous stroke, moving outwards and then underneath the eye, towards the nose. This won’t stretch the skin, as the product will provide the perfect lubrication. Repeat 2-3 times. As well as being relaxing, this technique will help to drain any fluid build-up, boosting blood flow and feeding oxygen to the eye area.’

4. ‘Finish by massaging the forehead, working from the middle of the forehead outwards, towards the temples.’

The Massage
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