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Normal/Combination/Oily Skin
Facial Wash - normal / combination

Facial Wash




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Based on a sugar-derived cleansing ingredient, this sodium-lauryl-sulphate-free wash foams lightly, swishing away the day’s grime, make-up and oil build-up. Lemon myrtle actively works to purify skin (with its renowned anti-microbial action), while aloe vera reduces inflammation, helping to clear the complexion with regular, twice-daily use.

Like all Vaishaly’s skincare, the fragrance in Vaishaly Facial Wash is entirely based on essential oils with lime, lemon and a hint of peppermint alongside the lemon myrtle. ‘Like many of my clients, I always had a problem finding a facial wash that removed my eye make-up thoroughly, but didn’t leave my skin feeling dry. With this gentle and soothing but very effective formula, the search is over,’ says Vaishaly.

Key Description:

  • Removes all eye make-up thoroughly
  • Does not leave skin dried out
  • Leaves skin feeling incredibly smooth
Essential Oils:

  • Lemon
  • Lime
  • Peppermint
  • Lemon Myrtle

  • 2-3 pumps
  • This can be used directly on the eyes to remove all traces of eye make-up thoroughly, including mascara.
  • Morning - Apply Facial Wash, all over face and neck
  • Massage for half a minute
  • Rinse off with warm water
  • Tap dry face
  • After - Apply Day Moisturiser, all over face, neck, around eyes, with massage routine
  • Evening - Apply Facial Wash
  • Apply Night Nourisher, 1 pump, all over face, neck, around eyes, with massage
  • Apply Night Cream, 1-2 pumps on top of the Night Nourisher, all over face, neck, around eyes, and massage until absorbed

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